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The hand painted shop®

has been in business for over 30 years and painting T-Shirts for over 21 of those years. From our earliest days, we have worked to be a responsible company. We have a Green Philosophy and every day we strive to produce work of art to make our customers happy and supports our employees and the artists.

Long before it was the thing to do,The hand painted shop® have been taking the kind of steps that make a real difference.

What we can do for you

Our business

In our hand painted t-shirts shop we can make special Painting ,
Your own design on the T-shirts And other textiles at your request as well .
Buy a few t-shirts today . Also tell your friends and neighbors Where you Bought your Hand painted t-Shirts
Try on one of the Emporium’s hand painted T-shirts and you will See that they fit Like a dream …
The t-shirts made Of 100-Percent cotton.

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A culture of art

Our t-shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton (even the thread that holds it together is cotton). If washed according to our label instructions, in cold water, not only will your shirt stay at the same size as when you purchased it, but also the painting will remain vibrant for years to come.

  • Over 20 years of Experience
  • artistic techniques.
  • 100% preshrunk cotton


( unprecedented access to the hottest looks of the season from our products via worldwide safely delivery. )

We Care About Quality

the designs in our hand painted shop®are fantastic and are perfect for today’s youth. They are trendy, stylish and perfect for groups. So make your purchase today by wasting no time.

We Care About Your Health

The image does not tarnish when exposed to sunlight and do not crack after washing, it is environmentally friendly and safe for human health

Progressive Employment

Painted t-shirts made by professional artist ( 22 years experience ).In our hand painted t-shirts shop we can make special Painting ,your cat, dog ,horse,……..more